Monday, January 28, 2013

I hope this blog stays in one place

I  have blogs on the Chrome setup but it is all over the place.  The new Chrome is very different.  I went in and found a file on the old Chrome  but it isn’t like it was.  I want this to go to IE blog.  The Chrome newer version is packed with stuff.  Since I am not that good on the computer.  I was drowning In tabs.  I have to tell any of you that are on Facebook if you can go to my timeline and see Christmas pictures of Chris o n his Kawasaki  bike.  I think he has grown a little more and seems to know what to do with the motorcycle.  I just hope everything is moving in the right direction for him his mom and dad. His dad works for Kawasaki . The interest in he house next door has really picked up.  It was drizzling most of the day yesterday and their were probably 5 or more looking at it.  I really wish someone would buy it and tare it down.  I am afraid if someone buys it for rentals or even to live in they will just try living in it as is and if they do that  I don’t think they would  much so we would have the old stuff,high grass and junk.  Joe gets his exercise trying to keep up with all the cars that were stopping.  They have to call someone to come unlock it. so they are trying to. I sure hope no one really fat wants to look at it.  That front porch is so weak I think  they would go through it. No steps to get upstairs to the apartment and the steps collapsed to the basement.


Forty Pound Sack said...

Maybe the city should come out and do an inspection. If they condemn it, it would have to be torn down. Might solve your problem ~

Forty Pound Sack said...

Lucy, this dang thing won't let me post comments!!!!

shirl72 said...

Lucy it almost would not let me comment finally it came
I think you should put the house next door on the parade
of homes. hahahah...I have 2 on a street I drive
down to get to my house. They are awful and need to
be cleaned up. They are nice brick homes. One is the
minister's uncle where Jack's grandson's are Director of
Music. So I can't call and report unless I want to leave
town. My name would be mud. I just think it is awful
when a person want keep their home cleaned up and bring
the neighbor down.

jack69 said...

I cannot believe it you have my sister talking about clutter. She is talking about my friend. I like his loaded p/u truck and his 8n tractor. The old bicycles just add a touch of art work. The boxes are different colors and add color.
YOu ladies fuss at the silliest things! LOL

A man needs SOME STUFF!!! lol

Paula said...

Laughing @ what Shirl said. I didn't realize the place was so bad.

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