Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Can”t wait to call about Spunky

Joe called last  night and they said he was doing pretty well, but it was really to early if the pancreatitis  was still raising heck.  I paid a hundred yesterday and they said it would run 300.00 t0 400.00  Joe said if you take it in payments be assured you will get paid. I am not sure  where that money will come from but we will rob peter to pay Paul, for Spunky.  The house was so empty without him.  I know that he is old but he has been our companion for 10  years.  She tested the tender spot where  It was really enlarged and she said it was just a fatty tumor.  Which is harmless. That was a relief. She was feeling all over his body and she said  “he really is a lumpy dog. and I said and we love every defect he has.” I saw the cutest little beagle in there.  I think he was about half the size of Spunky or less. Will keep you posted.

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DD said...

Hi Lucy,
Sorry to hear that Spunky is sick, hoping he has a complete recovery. I have been out for too long! I sent you an email to let you know where I have been.
I hope you and Joe are well. We are doing great and I am longing for Spring!
Take care,

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