Sunday, February 3, 2013

I hope today is better than yesterday

Spunky seemed as good as he usually is, sleeping and eating and doing as usual.  He had his usual meal about 4:00 PM, and seemed good.  Around seven or eight  Joe takes him out and stays out and watches him.  He gets in the snow and Joe worries so much abut him since his arthritis has kicked up more than usual.  Then he comes in and I usually have a few treats laid out for him.  He does not need them but it is a tradition.  That is one reason he is overweight.  He went and was taking his nap and then he struggled up and was very sick.  He has done that before so we just figured it was a one time thing.  We were so wrong.  That poor dog  upchucked  about 6 more times and we would try to get him out but he couldn’t move fast enough.  It acts like the intestinal flu in a human.  Joe was petting him and he uses a little more pressure than I do and he went over one fairly large lump and it hurt Spunky.  Of course emergency would cost a fortune which we don’t have so we are just dealing with it until we can get him in Monday. Today we are going to try small portions at a time and then wait and give him a little more., if he is hungry.  I would not be so worried if he had not had cancer before.  As you know, he is our baby and loved so much.  If he gets through today without vomiting I will just hope it was just something temporary.  As you all know my son in Texas has pushed me out of his life.  Even blocked me on Facebook.  I thought he turned 50 yesterday but it was 51.  I am just so glad I never hurt my mom by being so stupid, and that is what it was, with him.  Maybe it was losing his dad so early in life, but I think it was alcohol .  He does not drink anymore so his kids say and I hope they are right because his heavy drinking as it was would kill him fairly early in life. The other kids and I get along good. Sorry this is such a downer but it is going to remain until we get  Spunky in.  I do not want him to suffer and I think he is.


slj said...

Good morning Lucy,
I'll keep Spunky in my thoughts and prayers..
As far as your son goes, well, without him talking to you and telling you exactly what his problem is, it can't be's a shame for him to hold a grudge but not much you can do about it..I know it is hurtful for you but all you can do is say a prayer that he will figure it all out:)
Take care,

Forty Pound Sack said...

Good Morning, Lucy ~ I'm sorry Spunky is sick. Our vet always says give them boiled rice after they get sick, it's the easiest to digest. He also says it doesn't hurt them to not eat for a day but I always hate to see them not eat. Hugs for you, sweetie. I know how hard it is when our furry babies are sick ~

Paula said...

So sorry Spunky is sick. I know how much you and Joe love your pet.

jack69 said...

Hope the Spunky one gets better soon. And it warms up for good long walks.
((HUGS)) stay warm, Spring is on its way! (they say)

shirl72 said...

I am so sorry about Spunky. Bless his heart it makes
me feel so sad he can't tell where he is hurting. Hope
it is just temporary. Let me know what the Dr. says
when you get Spunky an app.

Lucy just like I said before one day I think your son
will regret his actions. Keep from worrying if you can
don't let it make you sick it is not your fault. It is
hard for me to believe that a son can be bad to his
mother. You just take of Yourself, Joe and Spunky.
Lucy you are loved by all us out here la la land.

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