Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Just a good day

64581_465399116857085_1360483720_nSpunky will be home sometime today.  I guess he is up walking around, eating and keeping it down.  They will give him a bath because he smelled awful.  The girl in the office said her dog just got over  a bout with pancreatitis and it seems the condition when it is at its worse creates a bad odor.  We had a gorgeous day yesterday  Got up to 50.  Snow is supposed to move in this weekend.  Hope it is lite cause I go to the cardiologist Tues. I wait and wait.  They overbook terribly. Time for a shower.


jack69 said...

looks like a proud family, and they should be, becoming a US Marine is something to be proud of. eventually he will actually smile hahahahah
Glad Spunk is better!!

shirl72 said...

What a good-looking family. Jack love to see the uniform.
Chris is a cute boy. I am so glad to hear about Spunky.
Bless his heart I know he will be ready to get home to
you and Joe. They miss their home when they have to spend
the night at the Vets. office. He kiss and kiss when
you pick him up. Tell Spunky I am glad he is better and love him from North Carolina.

Paula said...

So glad Spunky is getting better.

Jean said...

A nice looking family in the header picture and your Chris is a little cutie. I know Spunky will be glad to get home I'm glad he is doing better. Take care. Jean

Forty Pound Sack said...

So glad Spunky is feeling better. Love your new photo of Christopher. He's growing into such a handsome little man ~

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