Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another day. We got some rain!!!!

We did get rain we really needed. As far as I can see we did not get severe weather.  It was all around us though.  If if was noisy I didn’t hear it.  I fell asleep before I gave Spunky his last treat I keep by the bed.  He came in with Joe and it didn’t take him but a second to realize I was sleeping on the job.  He just about  broke my ear drum howling at me, then sat and looked at me. Joe has been kind of Crabby for about a week.  We have been in that phase where If I said it was raining out, he would not look, he would somehow argue with me that it wasn’t.  He starts at breakfast, my breakfast, and I know it will be a long day. Best go.  I just found out what is eating the flowers off the top in my wishing well. BLACK BIRDS.  I will have to get some spinning wheels or something.


jack69 said...

I think every time I see the header picture Christopher looks more intense.
AND YOU KNOW YOU ARE SPREADING GOSSIP ABOUT JOE, He being a saint and descendant of kings would NEVER disagree. What a prince!

LOL ((HUGS)) Glad you got the rain, I assume the basement stayed dry last time...


Hope Joe's crabby mood improves with the weather.

Claudia said...

When we had crows pecking at the tires and mirrors of my husbands car I went to the dollar store and then they would not land on the car. Perhaps it is the same for black birds. You have to move the lizards around everyone once in a while.

shirl72 said...

Christopher looks like a happy child doing his thing.

I think there are 2 birds in the nest. She is feeding
them. I can look out my window and keep a watch on
them. As soon as they fly..I am taking that house down.
If I don't put an arrangement in it maybe it want be inviting. I know they feel safe at that location. They get in the middle of the flowers.

Glad you got the rain. I can just hear Spunky letting
you know he needs his treat. Hope he is feeling OK.
Hope you are feeling good..

slj said...

Hi Lucy,
Glad to hear that you didn't get severe weather..I'm hoping that we are as lucky..We hit 85 today and are now down to summer is finally here and next we will all be talking about it being too
Hope your week starts out well..
P.S. Don't fall asleep before you give Spunky his last

Paula said...

Yep I know about those grouchy little moods. Bless their hearts, guess they can't help it. lol

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