Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I did not get up till 6:30, late for me

It is a beautiful morning here.  I almost feel guilty that the weather is so nice here and the people are so terribly devastated in Oklahoma,  I always was glad when we got through Ok. when we were driving down to Texas to see Marty and Lori when they were still together.  We got caught one time and just a rain turned into a major event as far as we were concerned.  We just looked for a motel since we could not see much the rain  was coming down so hard.  I have always said I would never live there.  The devastation is horrible and those children didn’t stand a chance in those schools.  Well I hate to tell you this, but the older a body gets the more it betrays you.  I did not do one thing to cause it, but  my back is so painful I sat with the heating pad all day yesterday.  I know Ice is best and I started out with ice.  I was planning on changing sheets on our bed and Joe always helps.  If someone had said if you do not make that bed I will shoot you, I would have said go ahead and shoot.  It is still very painful but I think better.  Joe said he would make the bed.  It wasn’t long until he said “will you come and see what is wrong with this sheet” so I hobbled in there and he just had it going the wrong way.  So we turned it around and it worked good and he finished making the bed and did a good job.  Now I know the difference between a back ache and a sharp pain back.  Hope all is well with everyone else.


jack69 said...

Sorry to hear about the pain, it seems the back is the worst because you cannot do anything without moving it a little.

But I am proud of my buddy Joe. Hey you even said something nice. LOL

((HUGS)) from down here. Yes that was/is terrible in OK.

Hope the pain goes away today!!!

Jean said...

Good Morning Lucy, I hope you are feeling better. We have had some nice weather here the past few days. I think it got up into the mid eighties yesterday and we have to use the AC here. Prayers for Oklahoma it's so sad. Take care. Jean

~mel said...

I'm relived to hear that you weathered the storms; but not about your back pain. I hope it lets up soon and you can get on with things. How sweet of Joe to help with the sheets - even though you still had to hobble in to set things right:) You take care and I hope your pain goes away SOON!

Paula said...

Hope your back pain goes away soon. Nothing hurts worse then that. Praying for the people in Oklahoma. My Mama and her family were from there before they moved to Texas.


Hope that backache gets some relief soon. Take care hon.

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