Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Try this one more time

I am going to see how this turns out.  I will keep at it till I break or it does.  I am like a dog with a bone the longer it takes to crack it the longer I stay with it and usually say (I did it, you aren't as smart as you think you are).  No I haven't quite lost my marbles. I have never had such a big problem as it is now and I am not  using live writer.  It is there just waiting to pounce.  There are always little memories that crop up after we lose someone so important.  Especially so soon.  I did the same thing and that is use his name every time you can.  You know I have a Ron also.  Jean, You are doing very good.  Getting back to blogging is a good thing.  Even though you and I have never met I feel like I know you.  We bloggers seem to  give comfort.  They are the first ones I write to when I need a lift.


Forty Pound Sack said...

Good morning, Lucy! I love your new header photo. Christopher looks so serious, I have to wonder what he's thinking. :)

jack69 said...

I agree with 40# on the header, cute. And we all know you will whip the problem (even if you bitch while doing it. LOL) I bet old Joe gets an ear full. LOL

YES it is good to see Jean back up and around.


LOVE the new header picture. Too cute for words.

slj said...

Good afternoon Lucy,
Christopher is just the cutest little guy..looks like he is having fun with the sand...
You seem to have beaten your computer:) I hope it stays this

shirl72 said...

Such a sweet picture with Christopher in the sandbox.
Glad you got your computer working.

Lucy the other birds hatch and flew away..Another bird
renovated the nest and moved in now she sat on her eggs. They have now hatched it looks like they may be three. I think the nest was to small and one fell out.
I watched her feed them and looks like 3 heads. When
they get out it is coming down. That is the second
family there. There was 2 mothers trying to move in.

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