Friday, July 5, 2013

Felt like I may be getting better, fingers crossed

Going to get my hair done today if it kills me.  At least I would have  a lousy body and good hair.  I am glad the 4th is over.  We knew our alcoholic neighbors, the 2 brothers I MENTION  with such love would wait till we went to bed and shoot off some big ones and they did.  Since the block, actually 2 block put together, waited till after eleven, which was supposed to be shut off time for fire works and most had, but our neighbors just had  to save some really big ones.  I think they shot them off  in the alley.  Spunky and Joe snoozed and I heard every one of them.  Can any of you imagine where I wanted to put those fireworks???  For nearly 40 years  we have been putting up with their mom , till she died and by then she had her son receive her house, so he picked up where they  left off.  Then when Chip moved into the house across the alley it has tripled.  Their mom and dad were alcoholics, but their mom taught her boys everything they know and none of it good. ENOUGH

Ok Jack, I must let you know that I have put up with my bohemian for 44 years July 26th.  That is a LONG TIME.  But if we make it till then, we will  be able to say.  We fooled everyone.  Including me.  Going to take a shower.  Hope you and Sherry are doing ok.


Paula said...

Good morning Lucy, glad you survived the 4th. So you're going to have an anniversary soon. Make Joe take you out that day.

shirl72 said...

Glad you survived the 4th. We had rain but some
fireworks still were shot not to bad. You will feel
better when you get your hair cut it always makes me
feel better. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you
hoping you are getting better.

WOW 44 years wonderful...We was married 45 years until
the bad word cancer came in and ended our wonderful marriage.

Take care and enjoy LIFE be happy.


Now that the 4th is over hopefully you won't have anymore fireworks to contend with.

Forty Pound Sack said...

Happy Fifth of July, Lucy! Hopefully those neighbors used up their stash and it will be quiet tonight ~

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