Thursday, August 22, 2013

A littler cooler, at least now.

Did not get rid of my sluggish  feeling this morning but a cup of coffee and some breakfast helped.  Joe is nervous the closer it gets to tomorrow.  I am sure I would feel the same, but I have to be very careful what I say to him.  I hope Jack  got your computer straight, Shirl.  I forgot that they wintered in Florida. Tell them they need to be careful not to park on top of a  sink hole.  We do not want them swallowed up.  Ron just called and  I think we talked for an hour.  So now it is time for me to go to the drug store and get  a chip for the camera I don’t know how to operate.  It may work once and then it may not.  Guess it has a MIND OF IT’S OWN SOMEWHAT LIKE MOST OF WE HUMANS.  Can’t even manipulate the camera.



Chatty Crone said...

Dear God - please wrap Your arms around Joe tomorrow and Lucy. Let them know they are in Your care. Please have the surgery go well. And the healing. Thank You in advance. Sandie

Sheila Y said...

I hope you are feeling better. Praying for Joe and I'm sure everything will go well. Wish we could send you some of this rain we have. It's been raining here at Mom's and at home. Not complaining, rather have the rain than not. Hope it leads to more snow... :D Take care, Sheila

jack69 said...

No jack hasn't had time to look at a computer. LOL
What a nice thing, an hour phone call to Ron. Good.
\Take care hope the camera works.
Love to all... Best to JOe, he will do fine..

shirl72 said...

I guess I am a day behind. Thinking of Joe today and hope everything goes
well..Will say a prayer all is well.

salemslot9 said...

I said a prayer, too

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