Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I am back as a human today.  I didn’t mind the actual procedure but the prep is absolutely gross.  They are sending a few things to be biopsied  but he said all things put together, age and so forth he thinks everything will turn out ok.  He is just a small in stature man and has black hair and I do not think he has aged a day.  He is very good about explaining things.  Spunky just did not want us to leave and made me feel terrible cause he came over and sat by my chair and just wanted petted.  When we got home he howled and ran back and forth to Joe and I and finally made a pass at his toy box and grabbed a stuffed elephant and tossed that at me and went straight back to Joe.  I guess that tells you who is most important in his life.  This is the first time he has been left since he was sick and had to stay at the vets.  I am going to get my hair cut iF it kills me and I WILL DRIVE MYSELF.   As you probably figured out Joe is hell bent on taking me or trying to talk me into not going.  I am planning on going to the shower  on Saturday.  Connie is going to take me along with her daughters in law, and Bre, her second grandchild, who is now dating.  She grew up.  I  think I am even going to the reunion.  Joe won’t go.  That is ok with me then we won’t have to try to drive our car that far and back.  I will ride with Ron and Kathy.  The procedure did not help my back.  Think I will just have to live with the back and short winded and weak feeling.  I diagnosed myself.  OLD AGE.  There were a lot of older people in the waiting room.  One lady came in and sat down by me and I thought, well someone more my age and even she was only 77.  It was nice to talk to her, and hear about her garden.  I think I found a solution for my neck line on my shell, if Connie hasn’t.  I forgot I have 2 long strings of pearls and  when you loop them around they pretty well cover it. Will have to try it with my  outfit .  Thanks to all of you who encouraged me through that horrible tasting stuff I had to drink.  I do not plan on ever doing it again.


jack69 said...

You shoulda saved some of the drink to go with SUPPER! (smile)
Glad it is over for you and we can get this Pant suit thing straightened out! LOL

Now relax, the bet is yet to come....

shirl72 said...

That flower is beautiful...Lucy the pearls will be the thing, I wear pearls all the time. They
are very elegant looking and will add to your outfit. Hope you have a good time at the event
take it easy..You will do good going by yourself to get your hair cut. YOU GO GIRL

That is funny about Spunky I am glad Jack got to meet him. Jack and Sherry also enjoyed
their visit and so happy to meet you and Joe. He said you both were very nice. Now you
know my Brother.

Paula said...

Whew now we got that over, that's how I felt when I had mine. Hope the results will be fine and I'm sure they will be. Can't wait to see a picture of you in your pant suit with your pearls.

slj said...

Hi Lucy,
So glad you are done with the procedure..Yay, you did it:)
I know you'll make sure that we get to see a picture of you all dressed up in your new pantsuit...It's nice to have something to look forward to:)

Chatty Crone said...

You are a hoot - and I am sure the biopsies will be fine. But it is good to know. You are so cute. Glad it is over!

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