Monday, August 5, 2013

The beginning of the worse 2 days of my life

 Not quite but it is going to be  a sloshing day.  I have given Joe fair warning the bathroom is mine for at least tonight and maybe a while tomorrow.  Then , rubbed it in and said a “you should have let Ron replace the one he broke when we had the plumbing problem and he helped re do and replace3  some.  Ron found, on sale both the stool and tank for 29.99. Joe would not let him do it  because they had a disagreement the day before over a plumbing pipe.  STUBBORN BOHEMIAN, MY HUBBY, STUBBORN SWEDE, my son. Chatty, my daughter really liked my suit.  She brought some scarves over but she was going shopping yesterday and was going to look for an infinity scarf.   She has one and said it is so easy to put over your  head because it is already closed on the ends and she said the rearranging was so easy for my scoop neck.  She mentioned a chunky necklace like you see more and more women on TV wearing them on low necks of the dresses.  Not sure about that>>>  Connie is going to hem them for me because I am so shaky.  I have ben having some problems with  those creeps that don’t sign their name and just takes up excess room. I think what gets my pant suit  compliments is the lacy shell that came with it.  It is Navy blue, the complete outfit.  Wouldn’t you know I got up with a sore throat and the sniffle's, this morning.  That is the best way to go, when you already feel a little crumby.  I am going to call and see if I can take pain pill’s today  Yesterday was not a very good day as far as the way I felt.  I was very shaky and then I would get up to do dishes or something and then walk over to the table and I would be short winded and by that time  the pain had spread from my lower back and my upper back and a burning sensation. This is a daily occurrence and Dr’s. can find nothing wrong so it must be old age.  I can only walk about a block and it sets in.  That is why I am so tentative about going to the shower and the wedding.  As for India, I have called for tech support and wound up with people I can barely understand.  That is what happened to Jacks sister, Shirl, and she feels uneasy about the computer anyway.  She will get it straightened when Jack and Sherry get home.  She  knows her brother is pretty sharp, and he is.  If he reads this I hope it does not go to his head.  Sherry will see to it his ego doesn’t get to big.  They are just great people.


jack69 said...

No problems sweet lady, Me'n Joe have someone to keep us humble. LOL

I know you guys will come up with somethng to make you the 'Queen of the Ball' wit the pant suit.

Yeah, if I was joe, I would give you the bathroom!!!! some things are NECESSARY!!!!

Hugs and the best of luck....

Chatty Crone said...

I believe like Jack that the kids and family will take care of you at the wedding. They are not going to let you be there alone.

I want to see the outfit on you complete when done - can you take a picture?

Love, sandie

Paula said...

Would you believe I just got that catalog in the mail. I looked through it wondering if I could figure out which suit Lucy got. I guessed the one with the lacy shell and now you confirm it. It's very pretty and I'm sure you will look nice.

shirl72 said...

I bet the pants will look good on you, sounds pretty. Maybe you can have your picture made and
let us see. The lace shell is popular this year.

Jack was in intelligence in the Navy and worked with computers. He is the one that decided I needed to get one. He set everything up and will help get me back like it was. Is is doing OK but I am not real happy with Google Chrome. When you get use to one thing it is hard for me to change. Stay cool and hope everything comes out OK.

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