Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cold here this morning

This time it will be quick.  It has been  close to the nineties for several days and now it is 45.  I suppose now we will be complaining about how cold it is.  You southerners won’t but good old Nebraska will get cold.  My hands are cold now after being on the computer for a while.  Finally got my e-mail set up. Nothing to exciting going on.  I went into detail Sandie, just for you and you are not sure you understand it. It is hard to understand but when you have limited income and no insurance it wouldn’t take you long to be understanding it.  It is still confusing.  It is a part of medicare.

Medicare alone does not pay like everyone, or many people think they do.  They do not pay anything to speak of on drugs, or I should say prescriptions. Sorry if it made you queasy about Spunky and his choice of forbidden food.  Maybe it will save another pets life.  I smell coffee.


Jean said...

Lucy when I check about this Insurance card I got I will let you know if it's what it says it is, and if it will save us any money. We get most of our medicine for three months at a time. It's nice and cool here in south Alabama this morning. Take care. Jean


Something about the smell of coffee is inviting even to those of us who do not drink it.

shirl72 said...

We are having wonderful weather.
It gets a little cool at night.
I think they are talking rain maybe
the middle of week and back to the
80's. Lucy insurance, medicare are
hard to understand for anybody and
can be very confusing. I am pretty
healthy and I am very thankful.
Tell Spunky not to pickup anything in the yard to eat. We don't want him to get sick..He has had enough with eye. Stay warn..

Paula said...

WE still have warm weather but don't we always. We had some nice rain, we needed it and are very thankful. When do you expect your first snow? Are those nice grandsons near by to shovel for you? I hope so, I think that is sooo nice of them.

jack69 said...

The weather seems to go up and down right opposite to how I want it. HA!
We should be in Florida now, but we willwait around for the grandson's wedding.

Insurance, Medicare, etc. confuses me. Sherry does the taking care of that. Thank goodness we do not have a lot to be concerned with.
Hope you the best.
Love to you, Joe and The Spunky one.

Chatty Crone said...

Okay you are so sweet writing me. I do understand a little about Medicare - my husband has it. He is only only 2 meds which are both free. But I am on a lot and I wondered what the donut hole meant - nothing good.

I love coffee!


Chatty Crone said...

Something is wrong with your posts today!

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