Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Looks like it will be a nice day

I am ready to put the past where it belongs.  I got some pictures of the new railing.  Now if I can find them I will post them.. HPIM0256I can’t call them mine because Larry gave strict orders that I have to tell Joe when I am going to use it.  It needs to be painted and he made them out of scraps he had at home.  He is a good son.  Joe thanked him for it.  So far so good between Joe and I. I try very hard not to let  my hurt feelings show and I  think it is working..  He has been much easier to live with the last 2 days. How long it will last, I don’t know.


Paula said...

Great! Lucy it sounds like things are on the mend. The rails look good and strudy.

Chatty Crone said...

Well I am glad that things are back to working out for you. sandie

slj said...

Hi Lucy,
I'm so glad you have the railings..Yay for your son for doing it:)
I'm glad that Joe has been in a better mood..One day at a time..lol..

jack69 said...

I like the rails and like them best because they are recycled. finding a use for things like that is a gift.
We have a son who just cannot say, "I'm Sorry". His life would have been so much better if he had learned that phrase and meant it.

Wonder why that is?
Glad you are on the mend, I am running late as usual lately.


Thank goodness for the new railings.

Jean said...

I'm glad your son got your railing up, looks nice. Some men just don't know how to say I'm sorry, and I have one of them. Lol. I think the rails would be handy for Joe to go up and down. You take care. Jean

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