Sunday, September 1, 2013

Short again today.

It is late by the time I get through writing my blog and Joe is up. So of course shower is next.  Everything seems to be healing pretty good.  My eye itches like mad.  Joe and I had a very serious talk last night.  I think we have it worked out.  Problem  I have one son, who is livid he is so angry.  Then Connie and Larry  are upset but not so angry.  Larry spoke with Joe about what would have happened has  the mail lady and guy next door not seeing me fall.  Larry put it very nicely and said you need to be looking after each other.  If someone had not seen her, she could have been down on the sidewalk, bleeding and hurt for the ten minutes it took for you to get to her.  .  We will see how things goes.  He is more like himself now than all week, Joe that is.I have hopes.


Chatty Crone said...

Gosh are the kids livid you fell? And Joe didn't see you fall? Someone else did? I am so sorry you fell and are hurt so bad! Get well girl. sandie

Paula said...

Yes at our ages we have to look out for each other. I'm thinking Joe, being a man, and the man we know they are doesn't know how to express himself. He may be really worried what would happen if he didn't have you.

Jean said...

Good evening Lucy, I'm glad the mail carry lady was there when you fell. I think maybe Joe is kind of like I am by Grover since Grover loses his balance a lot and falls I'm so afraid he will brake something, and again it has happen to me when I fell and broke my hip. Lol.
I hope you're up and doing well soon. Take care, Jean


Glad you are on the mend. That was a nasty fall you took.

jack69 said...

Love you sweetheart, hang in there, life ain't over yet! (smile) Love to Joe and Spunky Don't tell Joe I ain't happy with him, but I will get over it, cause he is a buddy!
Love fromNC

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