Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another day, Brain is still hanging in there

With all that happened so far this month, I am surprised  I am sane.  I try to divide my time and it does not always work. I just want to explain about  Spunky’s care.  If it is something liquid I never shake it well enough.  That is Joe’s idea, not mine.  Bohemians can be weird.  Plus having a bad home life Joe is just insensitive.  I thank him if he gets me something, like a glass of water and he says he does not want thanked,  I am so in the habit of it, so it just slips out.  Sandie, when I sad I wondered if he was truly in the back yard, is because, I know Joe.  He was probably watching from the side yard and I know his thought was, THAT WILL TEACH HER A LESSON not to go down the steps anywhere. but what really bothered me was he has done this to me off and on over the years. Right away he said “Your kids all blame me”  Finally I said when we were disc ussing Spunky, I said I think you are more concerned with Spunky than with me, when I fell and he immediately turned back to my kids. My son  asked Joe why he was so slow in responding nor help me in the house.  Joe said he didn’t know.  We have been married  34 years so who knows  why he is the way he is.  He can be a loving, caring man but lately he seems almost like a stranger.  No Sandie , he does not read my blog.  Won’t touch  it, hates the computer.  I would still have written what I did, it would not have been my true way of the way it was. Weird part of it was Larry asked if we had railings and I said we had a flimsy one up but one got  broke when the boys were scooping for us at no charge. I think most Bohemians are all on the defensive.sideand I don’t know why.  We have settled back in a get along phase. Truce I guess is what it is called.  Need a shower and now the faMILY IS UP SO WILL GO.


jack69 said...

We all try to 'GET ALONG', many times it costs one more than others., but that is life. Making the best of what we are dealt in life keeps us sane.
Love from North Carolina

Chatty Crone said...

Lucy I'd be a liar if i didn't say that I understood every word you said. I think some of us married for years (40) have gone thru periods like that. It is like a circle - your up and then your down. I agree with Jack's statement - making the best of it is what keeps us sane. And I think having your blog is one way you do this - you have a place to be yourself and vent. Love your honesty. Sandie

Jean said...

Lucy I think we all have been through periods when we feel the way you're feeling. It's getting a little cooler here day by day.
Hubby wanted to clean yards this week, but I told him it's best to wait a while and let most all the leaves fall off. With all the leaves and pine straw on the ground makes it look more scary for Halloween.Lol. Take care. Jean


Getting along is the name of the game, isn't it???

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