Monday, October 21, 2013

I will see if I can get this written

I suppose I will have to go back to Chrome to get this to be seen where it should be but I will try one more time.  If it landed on windows live it would be a huge surprise.  We are taking Spunky in to a different vet since ours is off.  It is still our veterinarian group but our vet is off today.  His poor leg just trembles what little time it rests on the floor. The whole family think we are nuts to keep spending money on him as old as he is, but he is very sharp in his mind.  Very alert.  I hope if I hurt my leg the family would not think it was a waste of money and just have me put to  We have already decided that if they say there is nothing they can do and he would be in pain the rest of his life we would try to let him go.  Each dog, when they die takes a little piece od my heart with them. and eventually I will have all dog heart then I can be as loving and caring as they are.












Jean said...

I had to smile at what you said about your kids. Lol. It's hard to see your dog suffering and I know it will be hard to lose him. Maybe the vet can give him something to make him better. Take care. Jean

jack69 said...

WE all do what we think is right for us. This is a jewel:

"eventually I will have all dog heart then I can be as loving and caring as they are."

Now that is SWEET!~

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh I am waiting to hear from you!


Let's hope it doesn't come to that. And that Spunky will heal.

Aunt Betsy said...

I understand how you feel about your Spunky. It is so hard when they hurt and can't tell you exactly what is wrong or what they need. When I lost my white schnauzer a few years ago I thought I would die with him. I now have three dogs (I blogged about them today...if you want, go to my blog then scroll down to see their photos) and one is a beagle... sweetest guy ever! Does yours howl?

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