Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sign In Lucille Horky


Sign InLucillehorkyI saw this sign in thing a while back but did not do it cause I didn’t know what it would do.  So I went back and clicked on it this morning.  Should be interesting, or not.  My blogs have been late posting and thought this might  do the trick.  I made a new live writer app. and since then my posts are late and one liners.  I downloaded windows 10 last night and this was a sign in before I did that so nothing may happen.  One thing about the computers, they keep life interesting.  Especially when you download something and wonder later if you should have done that.  Right, Paula????.  So far so good with 10 but Buy 8 keeps cropping up and I ignore it and go on to something else.  What is the temperature in South Carolina, Jack?  You said it was getting cold and I am wondering  how cold your place is compared to Ne. Spunky was crippling around yesterday.  He stayed pretty quiet.  The vet said if he put to much weight on the knee that is still good, it will go to.  We had to wait and get him off the steroids he had for itching.  I just hope we will make it until Tuesday.  Joe is trying to figure out a way that he can get up on his bed (the couch)  so he can not jump at all. He can walk up a gentle slope.  He is so strong willed, we know we have to fix something. The stupid raccoon was not out last night but was the night before.


jack69 said...

I am sticking with VISTA as long as possible, it took me long enough to get used to it.
It was 31 when I said that it was cold here.
Best to you all who have 8, 8.5, 8.79, 9 & 10. and what ever else Windows has....


It was 30 degrees here last night Lucy. Felt very cold. Barely got up to 40 today.

shirl72 said...

I hope you got my e-mail I did read
your comment on my blog. Thanks
for the compliment. Tell spunky to
rest and stay off his leg to save
the other one. Hope he doesn't hurt
the other while waiting for his app.

Hope you are feeling better..

Paula said...

Yes Lucy that's the way it is. We want to try everything and then have second thoughts but we can do it. Yeah we gotta do it. Can you put a board slanting up to the couch for Spunky to walk up on?

Chatty Crone said...

Okay tell Spunky to rest up and be careful!

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