Friday, November 29, 2013

I am totally worn out today

I woke up and looked at the clock and it said 7:10.  I NEVER sleep that late!!! 6:30 is about the latest for a long while.  My daughter had a table full.  Long table full.  She told me where to sit and after filling my plate that was what I did.  Plus having the table full there were 2 babies , one 5 months and the other 6 months and then their was Christopher  who has the shrillest scream I have ever heard, plus Mikes sister and son were down from Omaha and his twin 7 year old  girls with the reddest hair.  Their mom had to work.  Those 2 girls  are the cutest and I have never seen so much energy, since Christopher was usually right behind them, they were just a blur .  Christopher was usually right behind them.  One thing made my day!!!  Christopher was running his little hot wheels on a table  behind me and he was looking at me watching him, and I said  “are you racing? And this is the first time I have heard him say a word, and he said “yep”.  I could hardly believe it so I asked him again and he said “yes”.  He still is not really saying many words except to mimic or repeat words.  Some program Lincoln Public Schools, is seeing him on a regular basis. and teaching him sign language but pushing for words also. I mostly just sat and listened to everyone.  I truly do not know when I have been more tired, and I didn’t do beans.  Yes Shirl, Spunky got his plate with a little turkey and ham and Joe got his.  Spunky didn’t like pie, thank goodness.  At any rate, I enjoyed myself but I was ready to come home.  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  Then last night my alcoholic neighbor that lives next door to us, who is drunk almost every day as soon as he gets off work and this was about 9 O’clock that this took place.  We make it a point not to talk to either him or his brother who lives across the alley after the one who lives across the alley railed at me saying I broke up his marriage.  Drunken idiot did that on his own.  Back to Tony, the one next door, Joe had taken Spunky out and after bringing him in, he stayed on the porch to have a couple of drags off of his cheap little cigars.  He had left the outdoor light on and Tony had to be almost falling down drunk by then. He could not see Joe but he stopped outside our gate in his work truck and yelled Joes name.  Of course Joe did not even acknowledge him and he called Joe every filthy name he could think of.  We have had to deal with this kind of treatment since Tony’s parents moved into that house right after us by about 3 years.  They were alcoholics also,  His mother was the same way as Tony. A real bitch one day and wanted to be best friends when she sobered up.  Joe was upset last night after that.  It makes me furious.  He is angry because we made the decision  to not even talk to them after daily ranting by one of them, or the other.  Sorry to be so long winded but now I can say I feel better.  Must go have coffee.


jack69 said...

Glad you had a good time and that sounds great about Chris. Hope Joe can relax, that is a pain I am sure.

Anyway, Love sent from Florida... have a great weekend...


Glad Joe and Spunky got their plate. And that you had a good time.

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