Monday, November 4, 2013

I generally wake around 5:00 AM, I woke at 4:00, Rotten change of time

Well as usual must share “Spunky Update”.  Yesterday he  had a good day.  walked a little on that leg and when he was drinking water, he rested it on the floor.  We took one pain pill  away,  He was much more alert and did not seem to be in pain.  They were 100 Mg and he got 2 at a time. twice a day.  He was just in a constant fog.  We read their instructions again and they said as needed.  So tonight we will just give him one and one this morning.  He gets up and goes outside with Joe or me willingly, when he had 2 in the morning  we had to coax and tug on his leash to get him to go out.  Now he is  going out willingly. Progress!!!


It has remained  fairly warm here.  Highs mid to upper 50’s.  At night it drops a few degrees.  Once in a while it drops sharply.  So far so good.  One of these days it is going to drop and it won’t be just a little.  I dread those days.

I go to the doctor the 7th to see if my 6 month tests are due for my liver and pancreas.  The Multaq really plays a umber on it, or can.  So far It has not made any problems with me. I went up to Bryan Hospital and declared myself indigent because I am in the  donut hole and these pills are extremely expensive.  I got a letter last week saying I was approved and they will furnish my multaq for the rest of this year.  I don’t mind saying the truth.  I do not have money to pay full, price for it.  Shirl I will not let Spunky and the raccoon meet again.  Joe takes him out on a leash, but first checks every nook and cranny of the yard.  Must go for now.


jack69 said...

Glad the meds will be free, and should be for REAL SENIORS! (smile)

Glad Spunky is willing to go out, yeah, that does show progress......

From South Carolina...
Sherry & Jack


Glad to hear you got help with your prescription. It's nice that Spunky is getting around more.

Chatty Crone said...

What is Multag for and what is wrong with you liver and pancreas?

I am sooooo glad Spunky is doing a bit better. I think taking a pain pill will help him'

Love, sandie

shirl72 said...

Good I am glad Joe is checking the
yard. He don't need to get hurt
again. I'm glad he is improving I
know his leg is sore. This has been an ordeal.

Lucy check your e-mail..good news.

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