Monday, November 18, 2013

It was nice to know I am not the only one who wakes up and can’t get back to sleep

I am waiting for the brain ageing to begin.  My body knows how to age very well. and I think the brain is catching up.  I woke up at four this morning and managed to stay there in bed till 5 so I would not have Joe bugging me that I get up to early.  I would like to sleep a little later, even 6 or 6:30 helps but that is once every so often. Tonight Hostages will be on at nine and I really like to watch that and I fell asleep last week and Joe would not wake me up.  I think he is punishing me for getting up early.  Now really, if I can’t sleep, I can’t.

We made a good group yesterday.  Ron and Kathy came and I have a cold and sinuses, Joe was coughing again.  Ron had an injection of cortisone in to one of the vertebrae.  He has been in a lot of pain and could not even function with out heavy duty pain pills.  They told him if this cortisone does not do it he will have to have back surgery  He had to go in the hospital to have it done.  So far he is doing pretty well but the specialist told him  it could quit working  in a matter of weeks  or over night or it may go away for good.  If this works he has one more they will do the same, he had a cold or something going on to where he didn’t sound to good so we 4 were a not very sociable group.  Kathy gets really crabby when she does not feel well and Joe does to.  You could cut the tension between Kathy and Ron with a butter knife.  They were arguing about the computer, “a windows 8”.  Ron bought it for Kathy a year ago and it has been nothing but trouble ever since.  Kathy argued  that she could fix it so she was on the phone 4 hours with someone from India and they are sending a new hard drive. So I just rattled on and on to keep conversation going.  I Think I may be doing the same thing right now on the blog. So I will not keep on boring.  We kept Spunky really quiet yesterday in the hopes he will walk better today.  He walked better out side In the grass than in the house. It has only been a little over 2 weeks since surgery.  He is coming around though.


Chatty Crone said...

Haha - your family is like mine - we are always having discussions!!!

Windows 8 is TERRIBLE. I have heard that from many people.

I hope everyone feels better.


jack69 said...

I'm with Sandie.
Yeah it is hard to keep up conversations when the air is filled with.......... and you don't know anything else to do except KEEP TALKING. Yeah some of us have done that also...

Sheila Y said...

This is the time of year for all the sniffles and snorts that come with colder weather. I hope you and Joe are better today. We warmed up this weekend with a little rain and clouds but it is supposed to be cooler this week. Take care, Sheila

Jean said...

I hope you and Joe are feeling much better. The weather was nice here today so it was yard work to do outside. I just hope I'm able to walk tomorrow .Lol. I had one of those night last night just could not sleep so I got up and went through some clothes to see if I could find some to take to the Christian center. Take care. Jean

Paula said...

I know the feeling, if you can't sleep, you can't. I do have a little pill I can take just half and sleep but I don't like to be dependent on anything so I only take it when I'm desperate.

shirl72 said...

When you don't feel good, it is hard to entertain and keep things going. Hope Spunky is walking better. We had warm weather and some rain, calling for cold weather tomorrow. I have been sneezing lots. I blame
it on the weather warm one day and then cold. We got to get better Thanksgiving is getting close.


Back surgery doesn't sound good. I know what you mean about keeping the conversation flowing.

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