Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yesterday was the longest day for me.

I did not make it back in to the blog yesterday.  I  had a huge problem.  I hate my bathroom.  I was in there most of the day and it is not pretty.  No details.  Just thought I better explain why I did not do what I said I was going to. Ok, Jack, I will leave my blog alone, or at least I will try.  Now wasn’t that pretty and easy.  I don’t always  do as I say.  Thought I better remind you that Once in a great while I make promises and don’t keep them.  I will try this time.  Now Shirl and Sheila I know snow is in the forecast here  but you can’t have it.  It is only supposed to get a trace to 2 inches.  I will  send you the “cold” that goes with it.  I hope it will turn out a trace.  It is supposed to turn cold tomorrow night and, you 2 girls just better remember, I won’t share with you, anything but cold.  If I can I will spend the winter keeping the snow and sending the cold.  If the snow piles up, maybe I will send you the excess.  Jack  do not get sucked in by a sink hole. I hear there are sink holes all over Florida.  If you start to go down make sure Sherry gets put on safe ground.


Ok my night with Spunky was not so good.  He is not sick, he is just stubborn. As it gets late in the day he limps more.  I suppose like humans everything feels worse after the day starts going away.  Last night I was finally able to spend some time in my chair and I was watching him on the couch. We decided to make less of a slope in the cushions that he uses as a ladder to get to his couch. He watched Joe  tare the cushions off and cut about 3 inches off the frame the cushions rest on to make his ladder. He has figured out that to get a different angle to the way he lays on the couch he lays crosswise and hangs his head down till it rests on the cushions.  When Joe redid it yesterday that dropped the cushions down about 2 inches.  He flounced up and down on the couch going from one of his pillows to the other.  Then would get down and lay behind my chair and just flat out ignore us. He did not like his couch being 2 or 3 inches shorter to make his walk up to the couch so there would not be so much strain put on the leg. I finally came in and got a small pillow to put on the cushions so he could rest his head on it and hang it down.  Then he had settled down, WE THOUGHT, on the couch so we decided to go on to bed and not  say anything to him.  We went to bed and in just a few minutes after we turned the light off we heard him shaking his ears, then get a big drink.  Then I heard  him coming to the bedroom, and by then we both felt guilty that we didn’t tell him that we were going to bed..  I turned the light back on after I heard him trying to push that box that keeps him from the foot of the bed.  I always give him a little rub down after he gets done howling at me.  So he came over and I got out of bed and rubbed him down.  Then I turned the light off.  He roamed around the bedroom floping himself down in various areas to let us know he was not a happy camper. Sometime during he night he came out and went up on his bed on his bed as Joe now calls my couch.  He is just 4 weeks into  his recovery, Sandie, so we have to be very careful, since we have 4 more weeks to go.  He has to heal completely and we are responsible for making sure he doesn’t put to much strain on his leg or hind parts.   I better end this and take my shower, now that Joe is up.  I know it is boring to hear about Spunky all the time.  He is the “main man” around here and our lives are so uninteresting I use what ever subject I have to make my blog.


jack69 said...

You said:
I don’t always do as I say. Thought I better remind you that Once in a great while I make promises and don’t keep them. I will try this time.
I say: hahahahahaha REAlly? Then I smile real big.
Oh yeah, you and Joe's pictures pop up daily. I like the one Sherry took of you at your computer. and me 'n the Spunky guy.

Ah the continuing story of the spunky one is fun.

Love from the WILDwood.

shirl72 said...

Spunky knows what he wants and
has his own mind. Hope he soon
gets completely well. My Chancy
was the same way had a routine.
They are just like children.

Chatty Crone said...

I love your blog and how you write! And I never do get tired of hearing about Spunky - he is so full of spunk he wants to get going and life is holding him back! Sandie

Paula said...

Never tire of hearing about Spunky the mascot of bloggesville. I think everyone here loves that little doggie.


Spunky is lucky to have you and Joe.

Sheila Y said...

Send it on Lucy...we are going to be cold this coming week, starting tomorrow. Shirl even came up with a little song to do with our snow dance, we are all set. ;-) Have a great day! Sheila

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