Thursday, December 19, 2013

I took some pictures on my New Camera

I may have to be a rocket scientist to run it.  It said  shoot some  trial pictures first.  At least it is running, ok, I guess.  I get a little dig now and then from Joe about money or lack of it.  Shirl, you have me so curious on the package. Jack I did a jig out in the street last night and said Merry Christmas.  Quite a crowd ,  of Police cars, claiming they had reports of of a drunk old lady dancing in the streets..  Trying to suck it up and be cheerful , and coops nearly hauled me in.  So I will be cheerful in the house.  Tried it in the house and Spunky howled at me and ran for the bedroom.  Never fear I won’t make a spectacle.  of myself cause my body doesn’t move very quick.  Paula do you have cataracts?  Or had surgery?  I can not drive at night at all anymore.  The lights just glare in my eyes even if I have sunglasses.  They may have perfected  it more.  Mine was done about 40 or more years ago.  Sandie, you seem like a person that could deal with almost anything.  Disco sounds like a very smart dog.  Don’t you wonder what you would do without him.    I get my feelings hurt way to easy.  Trying to overcome it for years and haven’t managed yet.  Terrytare, your statement was so true. Christmas has always been a happy time for me, but as life goes on and things happen, sometimes there is sadness mixed in..  Especially when the old body yells at me every time I move. One way or the other it will get better.  Jean will probably work herself like crazy  over the Holidays and may enjoy every minute.


Beth Niquette said...

Oh, my--I just had a picture of you dancing in the middle of the street thought about the idea of doing it myself, then decided with all the ice out there--I might be skating instead of dancing!

((hugs)) Merry Christmas, sweet Friend!

Chatty Crone said...

If I had the money I would buy a plane ticket and fly to meet you - then we could both dance in the streets.
Now that is what my heart would love - but my body would not!
Disco is smart. He was a gift from God you know. A miracle. I am highly allergic to dogs. We had tried 3 pugs at different times before and had to give them all away.
We decided to give it one more try - a mutt. The mutt we went to see would not work - but there was this little guy there - I know God had him there for us. And sure enough he became ours. And when he dies - a part of all of us will too.
And you say I can take anything. Well how can I say this. I have been handed a lot of stuff - all my life. I was bitter and angry. I came to a crossroads. I well I came to the point I had to get better or stay the same way.
I worked for years trying to become a better person. I am still not where I want to be.
Can I take anything? Well I don't know. But I do have God with me and that is the only way I found of surviving! You are soooo sweet and I love all your friends too.


jack69 said...

Yeah, now we want a video of you in the street! We will put it on YOUTUBE and get a million views. The Crazy lady in the snow in Nebraska.

Love you lady, and glad you are feeling well enough to go a little crazy, if only with your fingers. hahahaha

You and Sandie would make a pair dancing accompanied by Disco and Spunky. Joe of course on the side saying "YOU ARE GONNA HURT YOURSELF!"

Smiles from Florida..... With Love...

Paula said...

Yes Lucy I do have cataracts but the doctor doesn't want to remove them because of the blood condition. Remains to be seen as to what will be done. As of now I'm okay with driving in daytime and some places at night. Driveways are the hardest to find. Thanks for asking. Have a good night.

shirl72 said...

The box I sent has some surprises
for Christmas..You can open it
when it arrives. I was surprised when they told me the time it would get there. I thought UPS was suppose to be fast.

Glad you danced in the street gives the cops something to do. Tell them you have friends that dance and you are going to get ready...

Christmas is a sad time for me since Jim's passing after 46 years of marriage but I am a survivor and love life. I have a special friend and will spend Christmas with the family.


LOve your sense of humor. Glad the camera took some good pics for you.

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