Friday, December 27, 2013

Good morning every one.  We have been having pretty decent weather,  It has been up as high as 39 for about 3 days and today it is supposed to be abut the same.  Joe is going to the store since the weather is supposed to drop a quite a bit. A refrigerator of food and he is going to the store. We got a gift card from Connie for 50.00 from our grocery store.  I am going to need some things in order to make some leftover casseroles.  I have to go for blood work to see if the multaq or pradaxa is wrecking my insides.  Precautionary. I know they are strong and expensive and I would love to get off of them.  If I thought it would stay in rhythm I would stop on my own. Now that other problems have surfaced with my body since the “FALL” I can’t see how much it would affect me.  It did, a lot, before they got it back in rhythm.  My big problem is, my body since the fall. Oh well at least I am up and walking and falling.  We had the Chili Kathy made, I think and it was so good.  She did use a lot of chili powder.  All I did was add a regular size of chopped tomato’s  Tonight we will have the chicken and noodles. That looks really good.Joe got me an aero knife for Christmas.  It says you can cut meat with it and I tried on the turkey, it cut but not as good as my carving knife.  I think it would be good on tomatoes or cooked potatoes or hard boiled eggs, anything that would squish.



Sounds like you've been having some yummy meals. I hope you feel better.

Paula said...

I like your new background. It looks like real cloth. Enjoy all those left overs. Spunky looks so cute opening his gift.

Chatty Crone said...

I do believe in winter time that it is a good idea to be loaded with food! Just in case. And then you can keep on having yummy meals.


jack69 said...

Everything sounds like it is on track. I always loved the Left over meals, we don't have too many of those anymore. I don't leave much. hahaha
Hope the blood work is all good news.
I like to see the Spunky one working on a present.
Love from Florida, Sherry & Jack

Jean said...

Hi Lucy, I'm way behind on the blogs but will catch up. My Texas kids left going home this morning at 4:00 AM. ^They have a long trip. It's really been a busy week with a house full of company, but we enjoyed everyone. I hope your blood work is good.

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