Thursday, December 5, 2013

Not much to say for once!!!!

Bet you all did not expect a title like that out of me.  I really don’t.  One thing, it is cold.  Have not heard how cold it got but it was “0” when I went to bed.  Just raised the shade and it is not n nice out there. In fact colder than Billy Hell. Windy!!!  We sure had a colorful weather map on TV.
     I did not cough much last night.  We brought our table top cool air  humidifier up from the basement and Spunky and I are really benefiting from it.  He doesn’t scratch as much and my chest quit hurting and the cough started to settle down.  Nose still drippy  but much better.  He, Spunky is moving much more easily now.  He is going to have a little limp, I am sure but no where near like it was.You can tell he has more strength in his  leg now.

     My stew turned out really good.  I would liked to have had the broth a little thicker.  I always thicken mine.  Mine was in the crockpot. and it doesn’t thicken as quick as in a pot.  It was good enough that no one minded to much.  Shirl, did you get your stew made?  Paula from what the weather man said Texas was going to hit hard with ice and snow.  If it got there, stew would taste good.


Paula said...

Whoops I commented but I don't think it went. I said the cold hasn't hit here yet but they say it is coming so I got my sweat shirts out. Glad you and Spunky are better.

Chatty Crone said...

You can thicken it with cornstarch or gar ghar gum - something like that.

Man you are going to be cold ! That is some mighty cold weather.

As long as the appetite is good - so is the health.


jack69 said...

Stew is good any time. I like it thickened a little also. Glad the Spunk is getting steadily better. Stay warm.... We are in Orlando, East coast home of Mickey..


Beef stew sounds like comfort food on a cold night.

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