Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Problem solved!!!!

Swapped out cable that charges the camera.  Mail order!!!!  Someone put a Kodak cable in the box instead of an Olympic.  The sad part of it is that is about the only way I am going to be able to shop.  My body was telling me before that it was going to get me and I had no choice but to listen to it today.  I parked almost in front of the store door and went to the counter and stayed there while the clerk helped me.  The camera works beautifly with the right cord.  Joe said I probably would not live long enough to enjoy it.  He was being hateful, but he may be right but I am sure one of my grand kids will.  He could not sleep very well the night before and I swear he was the Tasmanian devil.  He was turning over and over trying to get to sleep.  Of course who did that keep awake.  AAHH, the joys of  being married.  I guess after 45 years of being married to that man I have seen more personality changes, nothing should surprise me.  It always does though after months of peace.    Of course on top of that I had a long day because  he was raving on about  all that I was not doing right.  I finally said “I am not listening to you any more so just stop.” I knew I did not feel very well but nothing could have kept me home after he got so nasty.    I think it is my body frame work that is going to pot and has ever since I took that last hard fall.  No use going to a doctor because I have been told about problems with my alignment  before I fell.  I am not going to just give up but I didn’t know if I was going to make it to the car. I planned on stopping at Shopko but went right on by.  Each step I take I feel like my top half is drooping forward, gradually.  That  is exactly why I decided I would not go to Ron & Kathy’s for Christmas.  That also let Joe off the hook..  Ok, I am sure glad I have you all to complain to.  Spunky does not listen to me, he thinks my problems are not worth his time also???  He is not rude.  He just goes to sleep.  Just a bad day you all.  Just think of a car that needs lined up, badly and is old.  It shimmies and shakes, especially an old car.  Think of me and that car and you have the right description.  Think I better  close this  and go take a shower.


Paula said...

Glad you at least got your camera going. I feel for you going out to stores. I can't just shop anymore because my feet and legs hurt. I have to get what I need and not look around like women like to do.

Jean said...

Glad you got your camera working. I don't like shopping anymore so I do buy mostly online.
Since I broke my hip I can't stand long at the time and walking gives me out. I know how you feel lady grumpy husband and all. LOl.

jack69 said...

YEAH, LIKE jEAN i KNOW HOW YOU FEEL, GRUmpy husband and irritating caps lock key! Both can drive you up a wall.LOL And even the Spunky one ignoring you! LOL

Truly sorry you aren't feeling well it causes everything else to BLOW up. I would sympathize but all these crying girls will do that.

So I will just say suck it up, Life is better than the alternative.

Now Seriously. Love you and do hope you get to feeling better. We don't enjoy getting out too much anymore, but as long as we are breathing, we can still fuss a little.
Love ya! jack, the sweet guy!

Sheila Y said...

I'm glad it was a simple fix for the camera. Hope you feel better and Joe is in better spirits today. Take it easy, Sheila
Tell Spunky he needs to listen to Mama when she's talking! :-D

Chatty Crone said...

You are not feeling very good at all today are you? I am glad you got your camera working and yes you can leave it to your grand kids. I know someone will love a camera and remember you. sandie

shirl72 said...

Lucy I am so sorry you don't feel
well. Joe needs to get a better
attitude. Life is to short to
to not enjoy what we all have left.
I will speak to Spunky and tell him
he need to listen to you.


Glad you got the camera to work. Hope you feel better soon.

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