Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Respect and sorry, Joe is going to try using sorry, and show more respect.

It is hard for me to know where to start today. I want Joe to use the word “sorry” more. It could be used many timers a day.  He will not say it.  Oh well I am not going to dwell on it today. All I will say is that had I known the day I married him how much his family had screwed him up and how truly Bohemian he was I may not have married him.  I have tried so hard to make a decent life for him, and he knows I have but he can say the most hurtful things to me.  For once I did not back off and for a while it will be better.  Maybe longer.  They have no idea how much words can hurt.  That is all for today as far as trying to  make him understand and me bringing it up.

Now for a good day today and tomorrow. We are going to eat turkey and forget we had a conversation. that should not have happened on Christmas, actually 2 days before Christmas.  I have the sweet potatoes ready to go in the oven, the giblets are cooked and Spunky ate the heart and gizzard but he didn’t think much of the Liver.  Can’t say I blame him.  I can eat liver fried but no way boiled.  Connie will be having her family over  for Christmas Eve.  Her family has grown instantly when Neil and Carole got married.  Neil has 2 teens, although Ryan is in the marines, Carole has Kenny and Whitney and Whitney got pregnant with this guy that will never be the brightest light bulb, and they had a baby about 5 months ago.  She has always  hung the Christmas stockings on the stairs going to the basement and she has run out of room.  So she told them all no more babies cause she hangs for all of them including her boys and their wife. She is so good to them all.  Then she is truly going to tackle her weight problem and she is not the easiest person to be around when she is trying to lose weight.  She and I dieted together when she was working as a waitress and lived at home. I took it in stride and she slimmed down the same as I did.  But she accused me of starving her to death..  She still says no thanks when I ask her if she wants to come live with her mom and let me cook her diet food.  She always says no thanks.  We had good meals.  All meat was broiled, small potato baked, vegetable with no butter, and for her a dinner roll. I am not that fond of bread. and we both lost weight, and yet it was good food.  Must go try to mix up the dressing and get the turkey dressed before I have Joe out here. He will get in the way.  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU.  Sandie give disco an extra tidbit and pat.  Shirl have a great Christmas.  Jack and Sherry in warm Fla. you to and Paula wherever you go enjoy and anyone else weho happens into my blog. 


shirl72 said...

Lucy you are right about words that hurt. They can cut straight to the heart. I don't know why it is so hard for a person to say two
words "I'm Sorry".

Sounds like a good Christmas
Dinner. Merry Christmas to Spunky..and hope he continues to get better..he needs a better year.

to you and Joe.

jack69 said...

There are a lot of folks that the words "I'm sorry" stick in their throat. We have one son who will apologize at the drop of a hat, the other's life would have been better if he had learned them. They re not in his vocabulary, and have cost him dearly.
Enough of that, dinner sounds fabulous. (Methinks everyone is hard to get along with when they are dieting! LOL)



Claudia said...

I rarely hear "I'm sorry" myself. If I did I would write that down on the calendar. Merry Christmas, Emily is working till 7 PM this evening and has off tomorrow.

Paula said...

Enjoy your day tomorrow the way you want it. We will have a quiet one this year with one daughter coming out. On Friday we will be celebrating with John's family in San Antonio. Lots of extended family to contend with now days but that's okay I have leaned to go with the flow. Its Jesus' birthday not mine.

Chatty Crone said...

Hey I will give Disco an extra treat and a pat.

Words can hurt and can never ever be taken back - I know that for sure.

You know lately I have come to conclusion - I am just going to learn how to let things go - and it is not easy!!! I wish I knew how to let the hurtful things go!

Merry Christmas to you too. sandie

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