Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hey, you all

Just a quick line.  If a doctor even mentions “breathing test” run as fast as you can.  I had mine yesterday and  it was stressful, yucky and when I got home I was totally wiped out. I had to walk a mile to get there and I had an  escort that walked with me,.  At the halfway point she said “I am going to get wheelchair, you don’t look so good.”  I was not doing good.  I was panting, almost.  The technician said if there is even a small amount of amiodran in that multaq it is probably  the culprit behind the breathing Problems. The tests should come in  today and I have an appointment but I am going to see if I can change it to Monday.  Joe doesn’t like to drive when it  is snowing and blowing and it is doing both and the wind is unbelievable. Today is his birthday.  He is 77.  The tech said it was 2010 that I was up to have one then so that is  when they started trying ro get my heart in rhythm  so it will be 5 years since they found the A_fib and has been under control since, unless it went out again.  I had shortness of breath and spots in front of my eyes then. that was my symptoms.  Spunky went with us both days. Joe said he was real good. and kind of enjoyed looking around.  He is even getting better about howling at me when I say “all gone”after treats. in the bedroom but at 8 when he goes out he howls up a storm.  Will let you know the results if I go today.


jack69 said...

What's the problem. You breathe every minute, A breathing test should be simple. Question: Do you breathe?
Answer: Yes.
Doctor: PASSED 100% Seems easy to me. (smile) I have heard that breathing tests were tough. Glad it is over and hope the results will tell them something.


He is a day over than I.

shirl72 said...

DAY SO HAVE FUN...HOPE HE HAS MANY MORE. 77 is a good age.

I have never had a breathing test
and don't want to as Jack said yes
I am breathing.

Hope thing well get better and the
reports will be good.

Glad Spunky is behaving some about
the howling. That is one more
funny little person.

Paula said...

Happy birthday to Joe. He is the same age as me. Glad you are getting to the bottom of all your problems and sure hope they can find something to make you feel better.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JOE. May he have many more. I hope the test results get to the bottom of things for you.

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