Thursday, January 9, 2014

IE Download MSN - Microsoft Windows

Well here I am experimenting again.  I spend a lot of time on MSN so decided to write my blog here.  I always say blog but I mean entry.  Jack said it was pretty nippy in Fla. and not to warm where Shirl is.  Not to warm here either.  This has been some weather system for everyone.  We got about an inch and a half of snow here and Nathan and Christopher came over to scoop.  She doesn’t like to drive when it is slick and she works over on highway 2  at a Russ’s store. Not to far from here.  Chris was tired.  But he still gave gramma and grampa a big hug. I got a couple of pictures.  I think I am getting a little used to my camera.  I have got to get some ink for my printer so I can print off the instructions.  I really think they need to enclose a readable book. But what I think, is not important. I should take one of my gift cards and go Shopko and get some ink.  These Hewlett Packard reject the generic ink.  I don’t think I will ever get used to  the jet ink.  Ron said that they had to get a new printer because windows 8 would not accept their printer.  I thought Jean was having trouble with hers to.  If I was not afraid to spend my gift cards and cash I got for Birthday and Christmas, I might be able to get a 32 inch TV on sale.  I get ready to go and then I think but what if there is something sensible that goes out and they have it, I wouldn’t  have the money to get it or the gift card.  They know Shopko is close so they get them there.  The cash I just hang on to.  I do worry about Christopher.  I picked him up and he is so light.  He won’t eat but a little ice cream. Maybe a grape or 2 , he will drink milk but the doctor is really concerned about his weight.  He  needs to be with other kids but I would not want to be the one that took him into daycare.  He loves being with other kids but  does not know what “share” means and throws his toys.  Ron was a wreck after Christmas at their house because the 2 little babies were pretty close to some of the flying objects, like toy cars and so forth.  Chris is not being mean, he just does not know  what is right or wrong. He is saying a few more words but they are more repetition.  There is a problem there and I believe it is a form of autism.  At least he has not withdrawn.  Smart as a whip .  He wakes at 2 or 3 in the morning and screams.  They do pretty well keeping him in his bed..  of course he wants in their bed but so far they have not given in.  Smell Coffee.

IE Download MSN - Microsoft Windows


jack69 said...

Good entry.
I do know that we had to get another printer when we went to Vista. What good is the older printers? Seems we accumulate a lot of out dated electronics stuff.
I think Chris will be fine, some kids develop later. BUT then that is from down here, anyone can guess.
It is hard to refuse to take a kid into bed with you at night. WE always gave in methinks.
Take care...


Getting printer ink is expensive for sure.

shirl72 said...

Good entry I think we are all having poor weather. I think Chris will be fine and just taking time for him to catch up with others. He will do good just give him time.

Had band practice and we will be
singing at the Moose Lodge for
the Moosies..hee hee

Hope you are feeling better and
Spunky is getting better and Joe
is behaving himself. Stay Warm.

DD said...

Hi Lucy,
I know of a little boy that talked hardly at all until he was about three years old. Now, he is a good business man, insurance adjuster, and you can't get in a word edgewise.
I hope you get your TV.
Take care...was 50 something degrees her today. I am ready for me some Spring !

Jean said...

You are right Lucy I had to get a new printer this window's 8 wouldn't except my other one. I say other for it wasn't that old. Sheila and the girls went home this afternoon and it's lonesome here tonight. Little Chris is a cutie for sure. It has rained here all day so glad it isn't freezing. Lol. Take care.

Paula said...

My daughters suggested I go ahead and get a new printer with my new computer so I did. Hope my old one is getting good use for school with the kids I gave it to.

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