Sunday, February 23, 2014

No snow yet, maybe missed it.

First congratulations to Jack and Sherry for the beautiful addition to your family.  Went to Facebook first.  So that is why I am late. Not that it matters.  Some darn fool, I think my next door neighbor and he would have been very drunk, shot off 4  very large illegal fireworks or dynamite last night about 9.  The first one shook our  house a little.  It sounded like they got farther away with each shot.  Then waited a while to where I thought it was done and shot off another one.  Spunky has never been afraid of fireworks or anything loud and he nearly jumped off the couch.  I just kept telling him it was ok and he finally went back to sleep.  We didn’t even bother calling the police.  The highway patrol is a block down the street and if they  can’t, just one time investigate something like that on their own, highway patrol or police, let them blow up all of Lincoln.  If that was Kuhls they are very disappointed today because we did not call the police.  The coon was back last night.  Now if they got him , the loud noise was ok.  That blasted thing leads us to believe that he is never coming back and then he appears.  Must go.  I smell coffee.


jack69 said...

You couldn't be lucky enough for that to have been a hunter after the coon.(smile) Hope you missed the snow, and also hope it was only fire crackers.
Thanks for the smile about our new family addition, she is a keeper...
Love from Florida


Sounds scary to have someone shoot off what they did so close to your home. Glad you are safe.

Paula said...

Oh my that coon sure likes you or your place. Hope the loud boom got em'.

shirl72 said...

In the world today people do not
have respect for their neighbors.
It must have been loud to scare
Spunky. Usually when that kind
of people are reported, when the
police leave they get worse. So
be careful and safe. Hope you
start to feeling better.

Chatty Crone said...

I have to totally agree with you - I hate when people in the neighborhood set off fireworks. They sound so close to the house. I just worry at times about a fire. Tomorrow is he 25th! sandie

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