Thursday, February 20, 2014

One more day and change of weather.

It was beautiful for 2 days.  Upper 50’s but there is supposed to be rain and snow moving in today.  Shirl I bet that was a mess with rain coming down on top of snow.  I remember that happening on the farm. I still think this is really weird weather.  I can’t remember weather like this but maybe my mind is forgetting but I don’t think so.  I ended my sentence weird on one of my blogs.  Said I had no headache and went on to say I would see if I could screw that up.  Didn’t realize how it sounded until Sandie  asked me about it.  I said I was going to clean my computer out and I usually screw that up.  I would never intentionally  want the migraine headache back.  I had to nip one in the bud, yesterday.  No, Paula my migraines in my child bearing years were caused from hormones, but this is due to the A-fib.  I have been fortunate not to have allergies.  We have phantom water, Jack.  In Joe-s bathroom in the basement. all of a sudden in the middle of the bathroom  he keeps a throw rug.  He wipes the floor dry and it stays that way until overnight.  There is none along the walls, the stool or the shower.  Nothing coming out of the window well, no wet pipes.  If it is ground water why wouldn’t it cover more space than the rug????  Can’t afford a plumber so I have a feeling when Ron gets a break from a car he is cursing, will come up and have a look.  Well guys must go and see what is waiting for me today.


jack69 said...

Glad you did have a day or so of good weather. Spring will spring pretty soon, won't it? LOL

Water is strange in a house, it really is. One of the hardest parts of building to make sure it is right....

Love from here..

Paula said...

Hope your day is good Lucy.

Jean said...

The wind is blowing pretty hard here this morning and the weather man said bad weather late tonight. Maybe it want be to much longer until you will see some nice weather. The plumber's here charges $50.00, and most jobs will take 3 hours or more, Lol. Take care and have a nice day. Jean

Chatty Crone said...

I am glad you cleared that up for me - I am a bit slow! Hope you find the water problem. And oh how I love you spelling my name right - thanks - a lot of times it is spelled wrong. 5 more days.


Glad you've had nice weather. Hope you find the cause of the leak.

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