Saturday, February 1, 2014

Won’t dwell on the groundhog

Just a quick note to let you all know I am still alive and kicking.  Tomorrow will be my youngest sons birthday.  I will see if there is a way to wish him a Happy Birthday.  He has me blocked.  Used to it by now.  Don’t like it but have tried all and all has failed. I have enough to think about.  I am really fixing soup a lot for some reason.  I am not a soup lover.  I have this one recipe for Potato soup that Joe does not recognize as potato soup. It is really different and good and simple.  I didn’t think it sounded good at all because it was so different but we have it about  every week now.  I over did a little yesterday so have been at the computer longer today.  That way I can’t see all that I am needing to do.  We got snow but it is nearly all melted on streets and sidewalk. Supposed to get to 3 tonight.  Joe is putting stuff away under the sink so I better go see where he is putting them.  Since he has been in the kitchen more I am constantly hunting for a lid or a certain pan or something.  I am just glad he is here to help me.


DD said...

Dear Lucy,

I am glad Joe is there to help and take good care of you. He is so his stubborn
Please take it slow and easy until your doctor gets you back up and running again.
The weather finally got decent here...up to around 60 today. Now it is going to start raining.

Love and smiles from across the miles.

jack69 said...

Glad to know you are still kicking! DO NOT KICK JOE whist he is packing stuff (or hiding stuff) under the cabinets. It makes us men raise our head too fast and bump on a shelf!

Funny sherry was just talking about potato soup. Now me, I love soup. Anything in one pot, less clean up. I suggested we eat out of the pots, but you know women, Pass up a good idea in a second.

Love ya. I see you have your side kick DD back to give you moral support, but me 'n Joe can handle y'all. (smile)

Chatty Crone said...

I like you hearts on the blog... I am glad you are alive and kicking and I am glad that Joe is there with you.

Kids - I am sorry that you are hurt with him - I don't understand the kids. I have been hurt by mine too.


Jean said...

I'm glad that you have Joe to help you and hope you're feeling better soon. When someone else is working in my kitchen they do the same thing, I have to hunt where they put stuff, I'm glad to do it for I'm so thankful for their help. I hope you hear from your son, maybe his birthday will bring him out. Take care. Jean

Paula said...

Your valentine blog looks very pretty and yes it is much easier to read now. So glad Joe is coming through and helping you out.


LOVE your Valentine motif. Glad Joe is there to help you out. The soup sounds good.

shirl72 said...

Lucy the blog looks very good for
Valentine. Glad Joe is helping and
taking some stress from you.

One day your Son will regret how
he is treating you and it will be
to late. I'm sure it hurts, but he will hurt worse for his actions.

Sing the song "The Sun Will Come
Out Tomorrow, Tomorrow If Not in
a Day Or Two".

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