Saturday, March 15, 2014


Will see if this will post.  Live writer betrayed me and I may never let him back in my life  again.  Depends on how smart I am.  Hate to let my one side think it is smarter than my other side.  Don't know If I mentioned it or not but Joe has to go in to the cardiologist.  Also Dr. Gobbo's note from Dr. Merliss all he is doing is to either work fr a stable a heart beat, a slower one and still the possibility of  the ablasion or pacemaker.  Which ever. I really don't care  if I can just feel good half the time.  I must have  had a virus last week.  I feel better today than all week.  Have to check my bills, and that is A SCARY THOUGHT IN ITSELF.


jack69 said...

I am glad you can keep them doctor folk straight, I sure can't. Yeah I know Joe does it for you!!! LOL

Love from here....

I have loved Live Writer ever since you introduced us...

But then I don't mess with my blog design, I am afraid to... (smile)

Chatty Crone said...

What is Live Writer?

And your post came over clean today.

So Joe has to go to the cardiologist too?

And you may have to have some other work - well I hope you are doing okay - today.

Paula said...

Yep those bills are no fun to face. I'm sweating how much my ticket is going to cost. Now I could kick myself for not just driving slower and letting the drivers behind me curse me. Ha


My hubby has to go to the cardiologist too. I hope yours gets a good report. Mine has some trouble. Hope you feel better soon, Lucy.

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