Saturday, April 12, 2014

Another Quickie

I am just plain tired.  My knee I had replaced is so sore I am hobbling.  Trying to stay off of it.  Dr. Joe says heating pad and Nurse Lucy  says ice.  Guess who wins.  Paula knows, I bet.  Anything to hush him.  Get off the pill that slows, or tries to, my heart down.  It was when he upped the dosage.  Well my dear bloggers, I know I am cutting these short but it will  be better I promise.  It seems that the hoarder is going up and down the alley not sure if she is adding junk to her yard or taking it somewhere else.  Must go.  Shirl, you take care of your self.  Maybe if you have a talk with Baxter he will know that he needs to go in his yard.



Stay off that knee. REST it. Ice it.

Chatty Crone said...

I have had a knee replaced and let me tell you - you have to take care of it. Be careful.

jack69 said...

Don't put water on it it will rust!!!
Sorry to hear the pain in the knee. I have no idea ice or heat. But resting it is probably a good idea.(IF POSSIBLE)

Hope it is better tomorrow. Love from South Carolina..

Paula said...

Hope your knee feels better tomorrow. Yep sometime you just have to go with that controlling personality to keep the peace.

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