Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter to All

I hope you all have the kind of day you enjoy.  It is important to not  take anything for granted, in life.  Live, love, and find happiness and hang on to it as much as you can.  Enjoy your family.  Life is to short to hold grudges for things  that you had no control over.  I am debating if I should call Michael in Tx., my grandson and tell him I still want them to come but I barely can walk in the house.  I want him to be sure that his little boy, my grandson I have only seen 2 times since he was born and he is in school now.  I have the comfort of knowing he is so loved by all that is around him.  He is very shy and would not make up to this grandma when he was here about 3 years ago or more. Michael has changed so very much for the better.  I want Kayden  to have fun.




Chatty Crone said...

This story has a great ending! Have a blessed Easter. Sandie

Paula said...

I guess there were no grudges held around here as we had lunch with John's ex-wife and his daughter. Not my favorite thing to go but John always wants to see his daughter and she lives with her mother so I can survive.

jack69 said...

Wisdom, and it does come with age to some (not everyone sad to say) But I do hope this works out because family is important to those away.

Sherry and I talk about that a lot. we have grands thousands of miles away and we wonder and hope.
Love from North CArolina.

shirl72 said...

Young people don't realize how
short life is I remember thinking
I would live for ever. We never
thought about age. Hope you had
a nice Easter ours was busy so
I am resting today.

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