Monday, May 19, 2014

Boy, is that black!!

I don’t think I ever had a black background before.  Bet I get tired of it quick.    Oh well sometimes you have to experimenter..  I just know I got rid of the cutest blog and can’t remember how.  I have been finding this addition to my heart interesting.  At first it bothered me but I have figured out  it goes along with the pace maker.  This morning I got pretty upset with the insurance man that he called me and wanted me to get all the information he needs to file a claim.  I started  calling and they said he would have to request  it.  I noticed the more upset I got I got these beats that were  steady but more forceful..  Of course I figured I had done something to cause it.  Read my pace maker book and it was doing what it was supposed to do.  Really different.  Well you all I got started very late so will close for now.


Paula said...

My Mama had a pacemaker and lived well with it for years. Hope you do too and I'm sure you will.


you just got that pacemaker Lucy. Don't break it by letting something upset you. stay calm.

Lea said...

Well, you can't avoid to be upset but I hope you try your best to keep yourself calm. You're gonna be fine. Take care always :)

jack69 said...

Okay, now... Take 200 deep breaths.. (smile) Take care of that little dude. Glad it is doing what it si supposed to do.

Love you lady... Take care...

shirl72 said...

Lucy don't get yourself stressed.
Take it easy and and say it is
not worth letting someone upset
you. Your health is more important.

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