Saturday, May 10, 2014

This could be the strangest blog any one will ever see.

Have you ever felt like your head was  full of cotton?  If not do not.  Feels strange.  Probably the shock of the pretty flowers.  I am trying to take a picture each day as they open.  Then will post themFlowers from Marty ,2014,others day 2013-05-09 003This is yesterday when I got them.  That is his card inside.  Have not taken one yet today.  I hope neither them or me die before Monday is over.  I have no doubt that I will make it but not sure about the flowers.  I hope these post ok.  I forgot to change my address on live writer.  I am going to have to move around or I will hurt like mad.  once I limber up I do ok. Guess what, Jack.  I tried to get the Cutest blog On the Block off and it looked so good on the page where you set it up but it did not go away.  Must go.  Have to help Joe make the bed.


Paula said...

Just stopping in to say hope you have a nice Mother's Day tomorrow.


What sweet flowers. I know how special they are to you. ENJOY!

jack69 said...

Happy Mother's day in the morrow. Neat about the flowers I have started that type of thing on flowers and trees but soon forget. I am not consistent!
Love ya

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