Monday, May 5, 2014

Will be over soon and I will be back home giving Joe grief.

We have had 2 beautiful days and cooler today but supposed to get back to mid 70’s and 80’s.  If the doctor says I can go for walks after so long, and I don’t run out of air., I am going for walks when I get home.  Joe will do everything possible to stop me even if I get an ok from Dr.  I am looking forward to getting this over and hopefully getting back part of the things I used to do, like view the neighbors trash.  Joe took Spunky for a short walk and he said Barb’s yard has at least 4 big dumpsters  of trash and junk in her yard, that needs taken out.  They hauled 4 away last week and she still has that much.


Paula said...

I'm wishing you the best and that you will be able to do things you did before. Maybe Joe will walk with you even for a little ways, you think?

Sheila Y said...

At least they took 4 dumpsters away instead of bringing that much more in. I hope for your sake she continues to get rid of stuff. Take care, Sheila


I hope you'll be able to walk if you want. It's always nice to get out and about.

Chatty Crone said...

I would think that walks would be good for you if you can handle them! Walk away.

jack69 said...

You always make me want the neighbor's yard. i what that stuff!!! Ax 'em if I can have it!

I have always wanted a junk yard, but both Sherry and Shirl have other ideas. BUT SINCE IT IS ALREADY THERE, WHAT CAN IT HURT?

Seriously I think all will be well, my only advice is don't make the surgeon mad. (smile)

Love from, NOrth Carolina.

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