Saturday, May 3, 2014

Will see if Live Writer is going to let me post.

I had a horrible time yesterday.  I am truly in count down mode. Like 9 days left.  At least this gives me time to get my hip and leg better. I am not having much trouble except when I first get up.  It hurts like heck but  it limbers up pretty well as the day goes on. Looks like a beautiful day for a change.  Joe made short work of the back yard.  Our first mowing of the year. Then he started having trouble  with the front wheel drive and could not get the belt to tighten.  Better post this, if it will.


Sheila Y said...

It is pretty and comfortable here today. Jarin and I are fixing to head out to look for some new sneakers. Have a great weekend, Sheila

shirl72 said...

I work in the yard all day..Planted
few vegetables. I love to see
things grow...Glad you are feeling
some better. Our weather is beautiful no rain..Think I will
go and finds some snacks.. Tired
and hungry..Take care....

Jean said...

We have had some nice weather here the pass few days. I had a yard full of small limbs and pine cones to get out of the yard this morning and went this evening with my daughter in law to get some paint and insulation since she's doing some remodeling on her home. Her kids stayed with Grover, we had a good time out and about, ha. Take care. Jean

Paula said...

We're having real cool mornings and hot afternoons. My lawn has had to be mowed several times already.

jack69 said...

Don't believe Sheila, Shirl, Jean or Paula. IT DID NOT POST. I didn't read about Sir Joe mowing the grass nor your early morning pains. It just did not happen. (LOL)

Love you girl take care of yourself, all will be well in a few days!!!! Okay 9 days!


Glad you got that first cutting of the season in. Too wet here for us to mow. Hang in there with the knees.

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