Wednesday, June 18, 2014

If this is screwed up I am going to resign from” me”

I will know why, I think, if it happens.  I may be caught up in the crossover.  Paula I have only heard of one person out of 10 that says they can work through 8 but still don’t like it.  The rest say it is just a program that had should have not came out. It is so nice to be  wondering how in the heck I will navigate if I do go for windows 8.  I had to work to get all back this morning cause someone had been in, apparently finding errors I made on my blog and they could not get it back on.  So I had to do a restore.  Need to figure out how those little gremlins got in my computer.  They had a note written to me I saw as soon as I opened my computer but it disappeared in half a second.  I think every one is supposed to write seriously about something.  That is not possible in my case.  Joe is going to the store so must get off.  If no one sees it that will mean that it is all wrong.  I will be back.


slj said...

Hi Lucy,
try this address to get to my blog..Hope it works for you:)


I know the different Windows programs can cause trouble. Looks like you are up and running.

jack69 said...

Hey sweetheart, I just stopped by to say Hi. I am going to sleep as I type......

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