Monday, June 23, 2014

Will have to see if this will post

If this works it will be a welcome change.  Don’t know if it will or not.  I think I got rid of “the Cutest” but I wonder how much more I removed and hope not much.  I spent all day and part of the evening trying to follow instructions and read that little tiny print .  By the time I got done my eyes hurt and I had a migraine. A nice fellow let some instructions on my blog but I thought when I got into it that seemed like I could not do it.  But you know me. I didn’t get some steps done because my energy level  was not that great. I went to groups to get the help. I went in during the day and their were tons of people asking all kinds of questions.  Of course I made  all kinds of mistakes just explaining my problem and the first guy tried to rush me and I got the shakes and kept hitting keys the wrong way.  But over night another man left instructions.  If I still have problems it will be because I could not  or did not get some of the steps done.  I will never put a background on from any site again if I got this fixed. Better get off of here and post this and see what happens.  Wish me luck.


Paula said...

Looks okay from here Lucy.

Lea said...

Well, all I can say is everything still looks cute.

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