Thursday, July 24, 2014

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Blogger: WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT - Blogger

This is a dead giveaway that I have taken this down to it’s shorts, as Jack says.  I went to HP and it suggested  a way to put original software in there.  Of course windows 8 is still hovering  but unless I click on it I don’t get.  Things are very much the same as far as charging only I got my drivers and windows with the software just like Larry and HP said I would. So if this works out it will be worth it. Ron’s wife just brought us some pickled beets she had canned and green onions.


Chatty Crone said...

Just stopping by and saying hi.

shirl72 said...

I think I missed commenting a few.
Life is busy here..Cuz in from
LV for his Aunt's Funeral other
side of family. We have been eating
out with another Cuz and doing
visiting. Things will settle down
after the week-end. I am ready to
rest...Take care and stay cool.

jack69 said...

Glad you made the trip and have the stuff back. That is a good thing, but then WE always know you are gonna come out on top and get it working. One day when the rest of us are trying to figure out Windows 99823 with Vista232, you will be cadillacing along...
Good on you!!


Nice to see you got things installed and it's working.

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