Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Will see what I can come up with today

This color is supposed to be  earthy brown.  Pretty close, I guess.  Chatty it was so nice to see a comment on my blog from you.  You must be feeling better.  Probably a whole lot better.  You did say that your son did the same thing as I had done, only children.  He must have a talent with kids. How long has he been practicing?  I would think  a person needs a special talent to work on children.  My system is still trying to get used to all that took place.  It definitely has changed , or I should say, something has, changed my sleep pattern.  But aside from the migraines it is all for the best.  Hopefully they will disappear.  We got a little rain last night.  Supposed to be unsettled all week.  I really don’t know much new.  So you re still harvesting vegetables and giving them away.  I heard where some of the gardens are not doing very well here.  Haven’t asked my son.  I must remember to do that.  Joe has been buying baby tomatoes at the store and we are getting along with those pretty good.  2 containers for 5.00 and they last a while.  The big ones are still tasteless in the stores.  Joe is up so must go and grab my shower.


Beth Niquette said...

My husband calls baby tomatoes Diabetic candy! lol

shirl72 said...

Lucy I grow grape tomatoes and they look and are the size of a grape. I have grown them about 4 years.

I also have 2 cherry tomatoes and
they are round and small. When family are in the yard they will pick the grape tomatoes and eat them like candy.

Take care and tell Spunky and Joe hello.

Chatty Crone said...

Hello and I am back again!
I don't know if he has a talent for children - it's funny how a doctor gets where he ends up - I guess not funny, but it was an interesting and very long story.

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