Sunday, August 10, 2014


I have been at this computer all day and as you caN TELL I HAVE NOT GOT  THE BUGAS OUT YET.  I AM SORT A BACK.  mY SON, Larry who has a lot of computer   knowledge and I spent about an hour addressing What??? Computer problems.  I got up tired and hurting in every muscle in my body so I guess that 50 miles one way now, and saw people and  3 little boys about 1and1/2 years old Ron's grandson, and of course Chris is 3 and 1/2 years and Neils grandson is 1 and 1/2.  Maybe 2 months younger, all blondes. and last night I had visions of those little people moving like ants and screaming .  They were all badly needing a nap after going boating in the lake.  They played forever in the water and then their parents reeled them in and they played in the sand.   I also had visions of very angry moms , when we got in and eating, escorting their screaming kids out of sight and then no tears kids coming back in with satisfied looking parents with the look, "I won".  I am so glad my kids are gown.   Not only did my kids help take care of (sort of) the grandkids but I can't move without  someone  of the kids  grabbing my arm.  I have to say there was a few times they were needed.  I got home and Ron was really needed. when I stepped out of their all caught up with me..  I did not know if I could make it up the stairs.  If  there is another reunion, as good as it was to see every one and have good food and home made ice cream, I won't be there.  Their cabin was 50 miles away so round trip it was 100 miles.  I just can not do it any more.  Tomorrow I aM GOING TO TRY An OVERHAUL ON THE COMPUTER.i DID ENOUGH TO GET THIS WRITTEN TODAY BUT Larry TOLD ME AANOTHER BUNCH OF THINGS TO TRY.


jack69 said...

Was that dreams or visions of the kids as ants. hahahahah

I know you are tired, that is a long trip for someone not used to traveling.

Hope you wake up better tomorrow and ready to fight the computer war.

Love from here in Pennsylvania.

Chatty Crone said...

Dreams of the kids being ants is funny. You really are funny. I do hope you recouped today. And your computer is better then it was!

shirl72 said...

Children can move fast like ants,
they are hard to keep up with. After that long trip I know you are
tired. Sitting that long is hard.
I know you will be back fussing with
that computer...hope it listens.

Paula said...

Hope you get a good nights sleep and ready to face the computer. Good luck and feel good.

Jean said...

Hi Lucy, I bet you are so worn out. Maybe you need to take a break from the computer for a day and rest. I hope you are resting well tonight and will feel much better when you get up. I'm the same way, if something happens to one of my computers I can't stay away from it, ha, but it will tire you out! It's 12:10 AM here so this old lady better get to bed. Take care, Jean.


glad you got to the reunion. i hope whatever you try on the computer works.

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