Saturday, August 2, 2014

What do you know!!!! Presistence pays and I can be presistent if need be!!!!

Not for lack of trying I would not be here. Google-Chrome that I worked from all of a sudden I could not post and lost Google entirely.  It just seemed Chrome took up the whole page, after a  bunch of stuff downloaded from everywhere including HP.  I did not ask for any of it and  was told to change where I got to my updates to accept all without going  and choosing what I wanted.  I had explorer 11 on IE and nothing but trouble  Chrome blocked Google because of the "https"  I think it was a  active x that caused it cause IE had the same thing only I could have clicked allow and it would have let me in.  Now you are going to get a laugh out of this.  To get live writer, which I would have needed to write a blog on IE was a version of live writer downloaded.  It said it supported that version. It told me my blog's title was to olds for them to support.  It was  if you remember, from when we moved from AOL.  I told my Computer it was a snob to have even let  all those downloads happen.  I have been imprisoned in this  room for 2 days and it is getting close to  thinking about what to cook.


jack69 said...

WE ALL know how persistent you are. That ain't no surprise to us. You have been doing this ever since we met you. Good for you. YOu are a winner, shucks even Prince Joe knows that!!!

Love from "Mass e chews it".


Glad your persistence paid off. Computer stuff is just too confusing.

shirl72 said...

Lucy you are a trooper. That is
what we have to do in today's world.
They would leave us behind if we
let them. Glad you keep-on keeping
on. Stay cool and tell Spunky and
Joe hello...

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