Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I do not remember my old live writer being so stubborn.

Dog faceI don’t think Spunky would like this dog.  We are starting to wonder what happened to our old Spunky.  He is just so stubborn.  I suppose he has always been this way but he wants to be where he wants to be at what ever time he wants.  He smells all the animal smells in the yard and he would be content if allowed to be left alone out in the yard but Joe just barely can leave him for  a few minutes for fear he will be attacked by something.  So since it has been 90 and will be for most of the week, at bedtime Joe goes out with him and waits and waits for Spunky to scan the entire yard before doing his duty.  When they come in they are both hot and Joe is complaining and Spunky is waiting for his bed time treats, Panting like crazy and of course guess who has those bedtime treats to give him.  Yep, me.  He is so hyper it drives me crazy.  He is so used to Joe being out with him, Joe brought him in  and went back out and that dog howled and I was tied up with someone on the computer, so he resorted to whining.  I am going to read a little more on the Cushing disease.  He seems to be different in some ways.  He hasn’t lost his hair and the lumps are smaller, that start now. 


Lucy said...

Just checking

shirl72 said...

I was wondering if you were feeling
OK. Don't fuss at my friend
Spunky he wants the attention.
He is so funny. Hope you soon start
feeling better..

Chatty Crone said...

Our dog Disco is quite stubborn too - I do think they have a mind of their own don't you? We love them no matter what.

jack69 said...

I hope you get it all figured out before I have to swap. I sure like LIVE WRITER the was it is on my system now.
You going to have to quit picking on the Beagle, HE B doin' what beagles are supposed to do, check out their domain!@!

Love from over here....


One of my cats is stubborn too, just like Spunky. WOW ninety degrees is hot. Expecting temps like that here this weekend.

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