Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I did a stupid move and will pay for it I think.

As  soon as the insurance lady comes and leaves I am either going to go back to factory settings or take it into Best Buy and have them clean it out.  get  AVG protection out,iI am surprised I could get on Google.  I tried to download a free trial computer cleaner  from AVG.  It downloaded along with abut 4 other services it covered... All of a sudden  I had to get  a licence for registering.  They had me firmly locked up. and yes I was trying to go as cheap as I could.but I knew they had pulled a fast one on me when it said I would pay 60.00 for the program.  I went and uninstalled all I could find and lo aND BEHOLD YOU IT IS STILL trying to get me to buy.  I can not get internet explorer and it's name is on the  this Google page I am writing this on.. If I have to spend more than 60.00 I will not take their services.  There are a lot of rip offs but this outfit is bad!  I may go ahead and take it down to factory condition but I feel like I am pushing my luck every time I do that.  So I am going to see if this will post..  I will not ever be taken in by an outfit like thaT AGAIN.  Not out any money ig I can get this cleaned up now.


Claudia said...

Getting a computer fixed is usually expensive, it might be cheaper to buy a new one.

They say if it is older than three years get a new one, of course they are selling them.
Another thing I read is to install all the updates that each program sends you (Windows, Apple, ect) because if you do not the old version may not work. Good Luck,.

slj said...

Hi Lucy,
Was it an anti virus you were trying to put on your computer? I have a free one from Avast..they tried to get me to purchase up graded security..I didn't..I know a couple of people that use Avast (the free version) and they said it works good. I haven't had any problems since I installed it:)
Good luck with it..I know it can be a major headache..

Paula said...

Yep you can't trust anyone or anything now days. Hope you get it all ironed out soon.

jack69 said...

Good Luck to you. I hope you can filter thru it. Nothing worse that a problem and you cannot see an answer for.
Yep seems once they have a line in the water and you nibble, they have the hook and try to reel you in.
Take a few deep breathes and relapse.....

LOL ((HUGS)) from Wildwood.

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