Wednesday, January 30, 2013

If I come out unto my blog, I will be surprised.

I took my machine down to factory condition and it is a chore to try to get most things back on.  I have no idea if this will find my blogger or not. Can’t hurt to try. Chrome and Google are joined and I do not want to get in the same pickle I was in.  I want to host my blog on IE or anyone but Chrome.  I do think it has outgrown  the first edition.  I think I could have worked with it if AVG had not been in the picture.  I called AVG support and got a really nice lady.  Even she did not understand why after I uninstalled everything that said AVG that Chrome still had it on there and I could,n’t  find any way to uninstall and neither did she,  I give her credit she had me try everything.  I am going to see if this will post cause I have a lot to do.  It snowed and is slick so Joe is going to cancel his app’t with the Heart Hospital.


jack69 said...

Having a little trouble myself, off and on the net with chrome.

Hope you get your fixed soon. Good idea to cancel with slick roads, that is for sure.
((HUGS)) stay warm.

Paula said...

You and Joe stay safe in that weather. We've had such warm days and it's nice but we know the summer will kick our butts.

JOHN said...

Thats the scary thing about downloading ANYTHING.We never know what wre getting til we find we cant get rid of it.You and Joe take care

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