Thursday, January 31, 2013

So far so good with my reset. I keep thinking something awful is going to happen

So far so good with the haphazard  way of guessing if I am putting the right things on.Seems like  I am thinking the computer may blow up or that my blog is going to disappear.  The last day of January!!  With each day my life is getting a little shorter.  U just don’t know at this time how long.  We had way over 100 accidents yesterday.  My faithful grandsons scooped our snow.  We got the usual lecture, “if you need anything we will go get it.  You can wait to get the mail till we get here. Neil came in the morning and did the front and Nate came after work and finished up.”  It seems strange that I rocked them as babies, baby sat them. fed them and now they are the boss as far as our safety.”Neil’s son who is home on leave from the Marines, is not making his family very happy.  He has his mom and her relatives, Connie and her relatives, me included and Neil’s dad and his family.  He is spending to much time with his friends, to make enough time for family and his mom is making sure she monopolizes any spare time he has.  I told Neil when he got upset that he had not called me, that Ryan had a lot of family and that was ok. No sir, you are his great grandma and he better call.  We will see.  He could extend his leave by working in the recruiting office and he will leave Tuesday and go back to camp Pendleton and from there to where ever  he goes and he will not be home for several years.


jack69 said...

Don't get upset at the Marine. He has a lot of sea stories to tell his friends about boot camp. USMC boot camp is the toughest in the WORLD. If the boy made it thru he has a lot to talk to his buddies about. I know it is hard to understand, but 'FAMILY' is sorta expected to understand.

Anyway it is great the grandsons get the snow scooped and give the 'lecture'.

Wow time flies, the kid has finished boot camp already!! I know it didn't seem short to him...

Y'all give the boy some slack!!!

shirl72 said...

That is wonderful to have grandsons that will scoop your
snow so you guys want get out and fall.

Thank you Sweet Thing for defending me on Jack's Blog.
That was funny...

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