Friday, February 1, 2013


Had no idea what this would look like.  Looks like I am seeing double. It is 3 degrees above zero.  Jack you and Sherri really need to come and visit today and tomorrow.  We have been in the single digits for weather for several days.  Joe is a gluten for punishment.  He walks around and looks at all the thermometers and then complains about how cold it is.  He needs to go to the store today if the old car will start.  We have never had any trouble with it but it has not been started for several days.  It is aging right along with us.  I have noticed a drop off on people reading or commenting on blogs.  Not just mine.  More and more are going on Facebook plus I think people just get tired of blogging.  They probably can’t find mine half of the time. I can’t either half the time.  I keep telling myself do not fool with your blog, but I am about ready to.  I guess I to am a gluten of punishment.  I did lose my pictures on my gallery but I still have them on Picasa.  Spunky is in on the couch snoring so loud  it is like he is in the same room.


jack69 said...

I thought Shirl was hard headed, but you take the cake. LEAVE THE DANG THING ALONE! LOL

And I know you are not a truthful person, cause My buddy Joe would never complain. He is a prince of a man, like most of us husbands. You gals are SOOOOOO LUCKY. LOL

Stay warm and snuggle with my buddy to keep the little fellow warm.. ((HUGS))

Paula said...

I've noticed the lack of comments too especially mine. I'm thinking my blog must be the most boring thing. I always enjoy blogging more then facebook. It is just a different type thing to me. Guess most people are on in the mornings and I have lots to do then so by the time I post they don't see mine or have time to mess with it.

Claudia said...

I think it is the winter season and no one much to write about. Also, a lot of people have been sick with the flu, colds and bronchitis and just do not feel up to writing. I know since Christmas nothing has been happening with me except a cold and bronchitis.

Jean said...

Good afternoon Lucy, I always read I just don't get to leave a comment most of the time. When I'm using the lap top I have it in my lap and it makes it hard to type. I don't think we could live where it's that cold. Lol. We freeze when it's only in the 50's here. I'm not a big fan of FB. I check it every now and then I've just about quit playing the farm games. You take care and stay warm. Jean

Jen said...

I would have thought the opposite would happen, that everyone would be on the computer more because it's so cold outside. Stay warm. Spring is coming.

shirl72 said...

Lucy looks like Jack is on both our case.

We are having cold weather it will be down to 19. That is cold for us. No snow here but it is in the mountains.
I hope you will stay warm and stay out of the cold.
Don't want you, Joe and Spunky to get sick.

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