Thursday, January 24, 2013

I just got through deleting over 2,000 posts just to please someone. Hope it makes them happy

Joe is up and I smell coffee.  I spent the rest of the morning I was up deleting posts.  That was the only way I could figure out this one post that I wrote in 2009, to do it was to delete them all.  Oh well maybe my computer will be faster. A member of Joes family that we only met twice was objecting to me writing all complimentary things about them, pretty much like we all do.  I hope she is happy and I want to change my settings if I can to be more particular who sees it.  That is one problem with the new templates????  Nothing is very clear.  Not as many settings as it was in the old blogspot.  I am going to visit some blogs today so will close and go fortify myself with breakfast.


jack69 said...

WOW, get a handle girl, Life is good! Hold on and give Joe a hug!

jack69 said...

You will have to quit with all the compliments!! LOL
Stay WARM!

Robert Geiss said...

Had once to do the same, firs shock turned into a kind of relief. Bit like spring, all anew.

Please have you all a good Friday ahead.

shirl72 said...

I love compliments that goodness I still get them at my

I have been worried about Spunky and hope his tooth
will be OK. Bless the little ole boys heart he is
a trooper. Tell him I will say a prayer and hope he will
be OK. God loves all creatures.

slj said...

Sorry to hear that someone was unhappy with what you posted on YOUR blog..
It's a shame that you had to delete all of your entries:(
Maybe you should start a new blog and NOT let them know the name of
Hope your day tomorrow goes well:)

Paula said...

Oh too bad someone doesn't appreciate the fun of blogging. Like your lavender blog myself.

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